Which Are The Best Places For Bump Out Addition?

Know about the some spots of your home that are perfect to add bump-outs

A bump-out creates more space inside a home and that is perhaps a scarcity in modern-day California. The space crunch could be a cause of concern because there is a need to accommodate a growing family, but at the same time, real estate prices and home rentals are skyrocketing. The best way to address this space crunch is to explore ideas for home addition in Los Angeles. You could make additions to the home and it is possible within a budget. There are also certain room additions possible without altering the foundation of the building. Homeowners have the liberty to add a bump-out and plenty of them are doing so. It is not a full-scale room addition, but rather an extension. The bump-out can be in the range of 3 feet to 12 feet.

Where Can I Create The Bump-Out?

Once you are prepared to do the job and have even arranged for the finances, you would perhaps now assess the home and identify areas, where the bump-out addition is a necessity. This interior conversion could be possible in any part of the home, which requires more space, but we would like to discuss some areas, which perhaps need this addition. Here are the details for readers.

The kitchen space

You may have an L-shaped kitchen and this space has cabinets along with two adjoining walls. This is a part of the home, which needs more space because cooking is serious work. A bump-out here can create just the additional space to install a third wall of cabinets, countertops. The kitchen shape changes into U and that should allow you to create an island right in the middle. This change should help the kitchen space to be clutter-free.

You could separate the master bath shower and tub

Do you have an older bathroom? The trend of the earlier era was that the bathroom space had a combined shower and tub. One would desire a separate shower and that means you no longer have to step over the tub to get in. You have the plans, but lack space to implement the idea. A bump-out addition will create the necessary space to separate the shower and tub.

You could add more space to the master bedroom

One can plan this home addition even for the master bedroom. You are constantly buying things and at times, even the bedroom can form clutter. This is a place, where you would want to put up your feet and relax. Hence, the surrounding must be clutter-free and you will need more storage space. How about adding a walk-in wardrobe closet? As you look around the space may be inadequate, but that can always be possible if you plan a bump-out.

The extra bedroom can now be a family room

You might have an extra bedroom and it is not utilized enough. How about converting the space into a family room? Once again a bump-out can work wonders and transform the room significantly. It takes space to make this transformation and once the contractor has created the room extension, you can now use this space for a completely different purpose. It could be a TV room, home office, or even simply a family room. It could be a multi-purpose space after the extension.

Understand The Costs For The Extension

There is a cost to incur as you make extension to the living space. You could always discuss the finances with the contractor and it is necessary. You must have the cash in hand even before making a minor altercation. What is the precise amount required for the job? You can put this question to the contractor and multiple factors are determining the quotes. Here are the details.

  • The amount of space, which you intend to create via the bump-out.
  • The room, which you are extending, will dictate the costs. The additions to the bathrooms, kitchens will cost slightly more.
  • Room extensions closer to the ground level will cost less.
  • The materials, which you intend to use, will also have an impact on the costs.

You could discuss these aspects with the home remodeling contractor and then only he will give you a proper quote.


Here we have discussed on parts of the home, where a bump-out is possible. If you are feeling a space crunch, one can give it a serious thought. One can always contact Done Right Home Remodeling to execute the ideas professionally.

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