Smart home remodeling ideas that benefit homeowners, by the way of getting extra dwelling space for a growing family size. It is about creating contemporary designed home interiors & exteriors that help in a comfortable and spacious lifestyle.



Through a custom kitchen renovation in West Hills, get a modern food preparation area with the latest fittings.

A home cooking space that has all the finest kitchen accessories & appliances that makes food preparation fun and exciting. Being a top-rated kitchen remodeling contractor in West Hills, CA, we help in custom upgrades. It is done by installing new storage cabinets, a kitchen island, stone countertops, wash basin, sinks, stainless steel faucets and chrome finish tapware. A full kitchen renovation is also carried out by installing new slip-resistant flooring, wooden cabinets, open shelves, backsplash and ambient lighting for a soothing feel.


Designer bathroom remodel in West Hills, by installing the latest fixtures, like a free-standing tub.

Installing the most modern bath fittings, like a walk-in shower with a glass enclosure, a heat sensor installed toilet & a bidet, a wall mounted wooden finished vanity with undermount ceramic sinks, LED back-lit mirrors, steel railings and complete bathroom flooring with slip-resistant tiles. This is what makes a home bathroom look luxurious, feel refreshing and amply spacious. A specialized bathroom contractor in West Hills must be hired for the job. It helps provide a welcoming feel for all your guests that set foot into your home refreshment area for the first time.



Top-rated ADU builders in West Hills, CA, for converting a garage into a self-sufficient dwelling unit.

Being one of the most experienced ADU builders in West Hills, we know how to create a perfect dwelling unit in an attached or detached form that would serve your space related needs. It can either be a stand-alone detached unit, which is commonly referred to as a backyard cottage or a Granny Flat, or an attached unit with the main building with a separate entrance. It is designed and built, keeping in mind the needs of your privacy and comfort. Else, we can create a separate home-office in your backyard by converting the unused lying garage in a desired size & dimension, and by complying with all the ADU building codes of California.


Fully customized home addition in West Hills for getting access to new dwelling areas within a home.

A team of structural engineers, architects, interior designers and workers are always there to understand your specific needs related to extra accommodation space, and implement it on the ground. Whether it is a bump-out addition, internal conversion, storeroom conversion, second storey addition or a ground floor conversion, we’re your home addition contractor in West Hills, CA. Simply, a call to 1-800-595-3031, and you’re presented with innovative room addition ideas.

Separate teams are allocated for different kinds of home addition in West Hills, CA. One looks into design, the next team looks into plans & permits and the other oversees the actual construction work. This helps in a speedy completion of the project. Walls and partitions are torn down, if required. This is how extra space is carved out from within the house. Else, it can simply be a garage conversion into a new dwelling unit.


FAQs On General Remodeling in West Hills

As your kitchen grows old, outdated, worn-out and lacks storage space due to continuous usage and exposure to elements, a full kitchen renovation is advised. It is done by changing the overall layout, fixtures, fittings & accessories, including an improved kitchen island redesign.

First, decide upon a floor-plan or layout design, then choose improved materials, bath fittings & accessories. For a small bath remodel, select only the essentials. Do away with an unnecessary bath-tub. Instead install a walk-in shower to get extra moving space.

Yes, you would require a permit from the local ‘Building & Safety Department’ for an attached or detached ADU garage conversion. After submitting the design-plan, an approval & permit is granted. So, by adhering to the setback rules, size restrictions, ceiling height, etc. you can build an ADU.

While local zoning laws will inevitably vary from one city to another, you should always fact check to see if any restrictions pertain to your property. Depending on the goal of your project, a home addition can add substantial space to your house interiors.


Innovative home remodeling ideas for creating new living areas within an existing house, improve functionality and add resale value to a property. These are the key factors for any constructive general remodeling in West Hills, or for that matter in any other city. We’ve professionals in every domain of home renovation & upgrades, which includes kitchen remodel, bathroom layout redesign, garage to ADU conversion, room addition, landscaping and hardscaping services. All of these activities make any residence a comfortable, luxurious, amply spacious and user-friendly space to reside, even if the family is big, adding new members or growing in size. General home remodel that are perfectly executed as per design-plan and agreed layout style, works out fine.


Kitchen remodeling Kitchen layouts & granite countertop installation
Bathroom remodeling Luxury fittings, accessories & new vanity design
ADU Garage conversion, attached & detached ADU permits
Home addition Internal space conversion & bump-out additions
Backyard services Customized backyard hardscaping & landscaping
Home remodeling Custom home remodel, redesign & full upgrades


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