Kitchen Remodeling in Pasadena

Done Right Home Remodeling, is one of the most renowned kitchen remodeling companies in Pasadena who can take care of all your kitchen remodeling needs without you having to go through any annoyance. We understand the need for a beautiful and adequately functional kitchen. It makes cooking a fun chore, helps you host more generous family gatherings, and additionally raises the value of the property if it is being considered for sale. As one of the most

experienced kitchen remodeling contractors in Pasadena, we have worked with a variety of remodeling requirements and have successfully delivered them. If you want to add some more love to your kitchen via various upgradations, feel free to contact Done Right Home Remodeling, Pasadena, anytime. A wide range of fine kitchen remodeling services and a team of highly experienced kitchen remodelers who can take care of any and all your kitchen modification requests are available under one roof at Done Right Home Remodeling, hurry to avail the offers.


Revamp your kitchen beautifully within your allocated budget with premium quality kitchen remodeling services from the best in Pasadena. All our services are very affordable, besides being very easy to access- thus making us the people’s primary choice for all kitchen remodeling projects, all in one place. A 70s-style kitchen or maybe an open kitchen or maybe the latest kitchen trend in the magazine? Whatever your kitchen remodeling wishes are, let Done Right Home Remodeling, Pasadena, take care of it.


Contact us right away with all your requests via our website online or call us at 1-800-816-0000.

Bathroom Remodeling in Pasadena

If your bathroom is in need of renovation or needs swift remodeling to improve its utility, Done Right Home Remodeling, is who you should contact. Alongside providing fine bathroom remodeling services at affordable rates, our team is ready and well-equipped to deal with different kinds of bathroom remodeling projects, which would be highly beneficial if you want a theme upgrade or a full bathroom-redo. We are your one-stop address for all your bathroom remodeling needs, Done Right Home Remodeling, comes with the pledge of providing

the most efficient bathroom remodeling services in Pasadena. So delay not and send in a job request.

Just Specify your bathroom remodeling requirements and receive a free estimate instantly.


Pasadena’s best bathroom remodeling team would be at your service in no time, working on your bathroom remodeling project with well-honed precision, maintaining all legal guidelines. Moreover, Done Right Home Remodeling guarantees full post-cleanup and timely fulfillment of all works. You can call our 24*7 customer support team, anytime and have your queries clarified; we would also assist you in choosing the most appropriate services for you. Change the tiles, conversion of the tub to shower, renovation of the wet area- whatever your bathroom remodeling needs may be, call us at 800-816-0000 and leave the rest to us. For dependable assistance with all your bathroom remodeling needs from a reliable contractor in Pasadena.

A better functioning well-planned bathroom not only makes daily chores enjoyable but also makes it less prone to accidents. Furthermore, it would also be aesthetically pleasing apart from being a value booster of your property.

ADU Construction in Pasadena

Want to add an extra dwelling unit? Want a new ADU  to accommodate more members? Want a workspace away from your main building? Done Right Home Remodeling can do it all for you with the aid of their outstanding ADU Construction team. Tiny houses are also in trend these days; if you want a separate tiny house like ADU within the same property space, that can also be made possible by our highly experienced ADU makers. If you are concerned about your ADU construction’s quality or it being a mismatch against your existing property, worry not! Our designers will ensure that the design is in perfect

harmony with the existing structures. Done Right Home Remodeling, Pasadena, has the most affordable rates in the whole industry so do not worry about burning a hole in your pocket while trying to improve your property’s value and utility. We will ensure the timely completion of all works without any hassle on your part. All the details will be attended without fail. Feel free to consult us with the ADU idea you have and check it’s feasibility, and also get an idea about the resource-requirements’ from our experts.


With the best ADU Construction company in Pasadena, your ADU will not only look good but will also be equipped with utility-boosting features of your choice. A good ADU project will also improve the value of your property and will also open up scopes for rental income. Hurry and contact us with your ADU Construction project request and rest assured to receive the promised quality of work on time, with no extra expenses.

Home Remodeling in Pasadena

With Done Right Home Remodeling, you can avail of a wide spectrum of exceptional home remodeling services at the most modest rates. Our team of experts would ensure flawless delivery of all your home remodeling and renovation projects, on time. So, contact the most credible home remodeling company in Pasadena and see your house transform. Our team can tackle all sorts of home remodeling projects with ease, so worry not about any complicated home improvement projects you have, and contact right away.

As an ambassador of good designing and one of the top-notch home remodeling services in  Pasadena, we have arranged a thoughtful selection of home remodeling services which will surely cover all your kitchen remodeling requirements. If your home has to be renovated or remodeled to restore its former user-friendly status, just call and order for the services right away. We would make sure that all your home remodeling requirements are met precisely. You can also avail easy financing options to pay for the fine home remodeling services.


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