Kitchen Remodeling in Encino

With years of practice and training, we understand the need for a beautiful kitchen, we can make your kitchen look stunning with simple and inexpensive upgrades. So why wait any further, contact us right away and avail exclusive kitchen remodeling offers from Done Right Home Remodeling, Encino. If you are not in a hurry, you can opt for the remodeling projects in stages. Stages will also help you maintain greater control in terms of your overall budget.

Done Right Home Remodeling,  is one of the most renowned kitchen remodeling companies in Encino, that can take care of all your kitchen remodeling needs without you having to go through any hassle. We understand the need for quick updates like- basic renovations typically include: wall upgrades, counter-top replacement, the extension of the wet area, storage installation, painting, upgraded appliances, so on.


An aesthetically pleasing and utility-revamped kitchen not only makes cooking a fun chore but also helps you host better family gatherings, and also improves the selling value of the property.

Perhaps you have seen some popular kitchen trends of the year and want to add subtle touches to feel like your kitchen has entered the modern era. Simple modifications such as painting your cabinets with a fresh coat, rearranging your lighting fixtures, or revamping your backsplash can create a big change. Or maybe some smart kitchen island ideas that would surely refresh any type of kitchen. Or, if you are more on the traditional side and would rather prefer some traditional designs instead, there are many renovation tactics to that as well. We will update your kitchen while making sure it feels pleasant. We are the most admirable kitchen remodeling company in Encino who assures -no hidden costs, timely completion of all works, and fierce emphasis on work quality. We are here to answer all your questions, 24*7; our customer care team will assist you in all ways possible.


80% of the cost of a minor kitchen remodeling project will increase your home’s resale value by approx. $17,000- says research. So why wait, bank on one right away. Call Done Right Home Remodeling, Encino, now!

Bathroom Remodeling in Encino

A good bathroom remodeling project adds value to your home, renews its style, and makes it better adaptable to your current needs. Done Right Home Remodeling, Encino is here to provide you with custom bathroom remodeling service to attend to all your bathroom remodeling needs, be it repairs, upgrades, or a full reconstruction- we can take care of it all. Small, invisible improvements can also make a big difference in the functionality of your bathroom and they can be made possible by good bathroom remodeling projects from one of the

most proficient and experienced bathroom remodelers in Encino, Done Right Home Remodeling. One of the biggest problems of an aging bathroom is the moisture that stays confined in the space because of defective or insufficient ventilation. It can easily be dealt with via some bathroom remodeling projects at pocket-friendly rates.


Just state your bathroom remodeling requirements –  you may want to upgrade the shower area of your bathroom, or change the color theme, or renovate the bathroom walls or anything else. All the requirements will be met flawlessly. No need to be concerned about the payments or work-time-frame, we are not only economical but also very punctual; all your works would be delivered on time and within the provided budget. Contact Done Right Home Remodeling, Encino to get started on your bathroom remodeling projects right away. These days, home buyers are no longer watching out for just a great soaking tub. Busy lifestyles call for user-friendly, time-friendly, and convenient features, which can well be achieved by employing us, the bathroom remodeling company in Encino, who can execute it perfectly and bag you a better selling price for your property.


Just call Done Right Home Remodeling and have your projects sorted, with ease.

ADU Construction in Encino

The tiny ones are our most popular home sizes right now, and for good reason. They are small enough to fit within the property and their size makes them affordable to a much larger group of people. Don’t judge them by their cover, it’s the make and the functionality that matters and it can baffle you. The number of ADU applications for the region of  Encino has skyrocketed in recent years, the number of ADUs actually getting built by us is increasing day by day, due to our ADU construction team’s fine craftsmanship.

Done Right Home Remodeling offers the most viable ADU construction projects which not only provide the best solution for space shortage but also help immensely in boosting the property’s resale value. We ensure the timely completion of all works without any hassle on your part. All the details will be attended to, without fail. Feel free to approach us with your ADU construction idea and have its feasibility checked by our experts before our team proceeds with the work process. You can draw ideas from our completed projects as well- they are available on our website.


Drop-in an ADU construction request and rest assured to receive the best of works from the most genuine ADU construction company in Encino.

Home Remodeling in Encino

Home remodeling projects can consist of upgrades to your existing home’s interiors or exteriors. You will have literally hundreds of contractors to choose from, but make sure you know what you are getting and not getting for your money! The general contractors in the region are often not as experienced as Done Right Home Remodeling, and they do not want to work on complicated projects. Most professionals in this space are inexperienced in building and designing.

Feel free to get in touch with us for any and all your home remodeling projects, big or small. Home remodeling projects can be complicated especially because it involves so many elements that can go wrong. It is very essential to get good quality services, and for that good home remodeling project by an experienced and credible home remodeling company in Encino like Done Right Home Remodeling, Encino.


Have a reliable home remodeling company like Done Right Home Remodeling take care of your works.


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