A locally certified home remodeling contractor in Malibu, CA, specializing in all sorts of custom upgrades. Providing unique layout design ideas & solutions for aging residences that want to completely remodel their interiors and exteriors.



Designer home cooking spaces through a smart kitchen remodel in Malibu that help add new space and functionality.

Kitchen redesign & renovation with the help of a local kitchen remodeler in Malibu, CA, that has vast experience in improving the overall layout and adding functionality. It is achieved through installing quartz or marble countertops, kitchen islands in different shapes, storage cabinets, backsplash, faucets, tapware, sinks, wash basin, new flooring, wall tiles, shelves and the latest kitchen appliances. In this way, a home food preparation and dining area is made to resemble a high-end restaurant or hotel kitchen, where everything is in order.


Fully customized bath remodel in Malibu, from a certified general contractor that offers the latest in bathroom renovation.

Outdated and aging homes require a full bathroom remodeling in Malibu, CA, or in any other city after some years. In one such act of home interior renovation, the use of high-quality bath fittings, premium accessories and construction materials matter. This not only adds style, but enhances durability and longevity. A full bath redesign basically consists of installing a new shower in a ‘walk-in’ style, a modern toilet and a free-stand bathtub design, apart from a large vanity with undermount ceramic sinks.



A custom ADU builder in Malibu, CA, that translates your home building dreams into reality with a new unit.

One of the fully licensed & certified ADU builders in Malibu that creates customized dwelling units for residences in a desired style that best serves the need for a spacious living. It is carried out by following all the 2020 ADU construction guidelines of the California state. A detached ADU is designed by maintaining a setback of 4 ft. from the rear and side, and with a maximum ceiling height of 14-16’. Once the ADU design-plan has been approved and the local permits are issued by the municipality or the building & safety department, construction work begins. This is how the new accessory dwelling unit takes shape in front of your eyes.


Custom home addition in Malibu, by making interior conversion, second storey addition, ground floor conversion, etc.

Helping local homeowners with fully customized home addition services that comprises bum-out addition and storeroom conversion. This is the trait of a professional home addition contractor in Malibu, CA, that knows everything about space reclamation, by performing ‘clinical’  and well-planned room additions. In a majority of cases, an extra bedroom or living broom is carved out from an unused lying storeroom, by making some extensions.

Such space additions are performed through specialized construction, wherein an existing room is extended sideways with the help of cantilevers. The entire new structure rests on the cantilevers, which are wooden or iron beams the bear the weight of the new structure. In this way, new space is carved out for a family that is growing in size. Any home addition is a cheaper and cost-effect alternative to getting extra space.


FAQs On General Remodeling in Malibu

When your kitchen has grown old, become outdated in style and scarce in space after years of continuous wear & tear, is it time to consider a full kitchen renovation, by changing the old fixtures, fittings & accessories, including the flooring and wall tiles.

It usually depends on the size of your bath space, extent of damage, scale of work & project and the overall complexity in the bathroom layout design. Depending on these key factors, the overall project timeline varies.

Yes, we can certainly help obtain the ADU construction permits from the local Building & Safety Department and the municipality, by submitting the complete design ‘master plan’, with all other floor plans, layout drawings and blueprint.

Any kind of structural modification, plumbing lines, electrical wiring, layout-design or floor-plan change, extension or addition, does require a local government permit from the municipality. Else, for clinical changes like accessories replacement, paint job & LED light fittings, permits are not required.


Highly professional home improvement services, as performed by a certified general contractor in Malibu, CA, that is into home renovation for years. With a team of qualified engineers, designers, architects & planners, one such home remodeling company is always the first-choice, when it comes to adding functionality & space to an outdated residence. Whether it’s remodeling the kitchen or redesign the layout of the bathroom, our service is preferred over others. It is because the level of professionalism shown is of the highest standards. If you’re thinking about a custom home remodel, by using the latest 3D design and high-grade materials, it is Done Right Home Remodeling that comes to the mind.


Kitchen remodeling Kitchen layouts & granite countertop installation
Bathroom remodeling Luxury fittings, accessories & new vanity design
ADU Garage conversion, attached & detached ADU permits
Home addition Internal space conversion & bump-out additions
Backyard services Customized backyard hardscaping & landscaping
Home remodeling Custom home remodel, redesign & full upgrades




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