How To Enhance Home Value Via Bathroom Remodeling?

Know how you can boost up the resale value of the home by doing renovation work in the bath space

Batroom Remodeling

A remodel work for the bath space could be an absolute necessity, but it is perhaps the fear of cash outflow, which makes you constantly postpone the job. This space has become dysfunctional and it needs immediate attention. One should also realize that the condition will not improve if you leave it alone.  It will continue to deteriorate and later on, one might have to spend more cash on the bathroom renovation. One must rather do the bathroom upgrade right now and it is not a one-way outflow of cash for you. The real estate agents will tell you that a remodeled bathroom will significantly enhance home value. Homebuyers check out the bathroom space before agreeing to pay up for any astronomical quote for the property. Therefore, one can see that there is no point in delaying the project and if the bath space needs renovation, one must take it up. We would discuss factors, which impact the costs of the project and the enhancement in home value.

Understanding The Factors That Impact The Costs

Once you are mentally prepared to do a bathroom remodel there is a need to have a proper estimate of the costs. You will require professional execution for the job and hence one can always consult an expert on the costs. There are two factors, which can have a direct impact on the costs as you intend to remodel the bathroom.

  • The size of the bathroom will have an impact on the costs.
  • The work, you intend to do in the bathroom space should impact the costs.

If you have a big bathroom space to remodel, the costs will be more than a smaller bath remodel. Do you intend to give this space just a fresh coat of paint? The costs will be negligible in such instances, but if you have other bathroom remodel ideas, the costs could escalate. The key here will be to discuss with experienced bathroom remodeling contractors and they will give you ideas on what to do.

What Are The Best Value-Creating Projects In A Bath Remodel?

Does a bathroom remodel work enhance the value of my home? You are perhaps searching for direct answers to this question and we would like to say that there is a need to do smart work. Here are some ideas of what you can do for general home value enhancement via a bathroom remodel.

You can make this space energy efficient

It is under the guise of bathroom remodeling that you can make this space energy efficient. You must check whether the appliances in this space are energy efficient or not. Check out everything from the faucets, showerheads, toilets, and if they are consuming a lot more energy, you must have them replaced with brands, which are energy efficient. These new appliances make the space look beautiful for sure and you can save cash on utility bills. This is just what increases the resale value of the home.

The floor

You could perhaps ask the contractor to just upgrade the bathroom floor. It has to face constant moisture and the deterioration will be visible. Moreover, the floor is the focal point of a bathroom and if that is fine, then home buyers will willingly pay a higher amount of cash Just the upgrade of the floor will allow you to generate significant ROI from the money spent on bathroom remodeling.

Some work on the vanity

You need to identify small projects that can create a significant enhancement in home value. An easy but effective option will be just to replace the vanity with a new one, which has more storage. The beautiful bathroom vanity should make this space look beautiful and clutter-free. The creation of more storage space will mean that one can now have more places to keep the toilet accessories The bathroom should look beautiful neat, clean, and impress buyers of the home.


You can even apply a coat of paint to this space and that should significantly transform a dingy bathroom into a cozy spot. The color of the paint can make a difference and you can think of a white bathroom.  It gives out a clean look and makes the space look bigger. Once again the paintwork should not cost you much, but the home enhancement value should be significant.


Here are some ways how via a bathroom upgrade work, you can seek considerable enhancement in home value. You will however need to professionally execute these plans and one can trust the expert home remodeling contractors of Done Right Home Remodeling to do a perfect job.

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