How Long Does It Take To Remodel A Kitchen?

A detailed guide on the time taken for a normal kitchen renovation job done by experts

Kitchen Remodeling

The kitchen renovation projects take time and your worry as a homeowner is that in this period, there is a need to have in place alternative cooking arrangements. However, despite this hassle homeowners take up these projects because this is a part of the home, which deteriorates quicker than any other space. There is serious work going on here and that is the reason for the deterioration. How long will it take to remodel the kitchen? You would perhaps want quick answers because all this while, there might be a need to cook elsewhere. The time taken for a kitchen remodeling can vary and plenty of external factors will determine this period. Let me discuss the details with you.

The planning and design assessment stage

One of the basics of a kitchen remodel is the planning and design stage. At this point, you can assess the kitchen remodeling ideas. What can you do to upgrade this space? It should not matter much if you have taken some time to plan because this is the pre-demolition stage and the core cooking functions are not hampered. You could rather take the time and assess the various designs. This is also the stage where you can ask the contractor to assemble the materials for the remodeling work. This period may take a month.

The demolition stage

This is the stage when your old kitchen will be removed. Normally, the demolition work takes seven days, but it can vary based upon your exciting kitchen remodeling designs. After the demolition, you must dispose of the wastes in an environmentally friendly manner.

The work of the structure

Do you have plans to change the footprint of the kitchen? If you intend to bring down the kitchen wall then the time taken to complete the job could be anywhere in the range of three days to a week. Or else you can quickly get over this period and it should be smooth.

What is the time taken for utility work?

Are you planning to alter the plumbing lines in the kitchen space? One may also be eager to dabble a bit with the electrical outlets, gas lines. You might want to include these altercations to make this space functional and improve work efficiency. The time taken for this work could range from two to five days. If you do not have time, you must not shift the utilities.

The painting time

It is nice to put a coat of paint on the kitchen walls and that is the way you can create an impact on a budget. You would however not be able to paint the kitchen if there is drywall. The kitchen remodelers understand it best and one must take their suggestion. If you have to paint the kitchen, it should be quick and perhaps take at the most 48 hours. After the coat of paint, one will need to set aside another 24 hours for the dry-up.

The work on floors

There are two factors important as you discuss the time taken for work on the kitchen flooring. The area of the kitchen will have a say here and also the materials of use. If you intend to do quick work, laminate floors would be ideal. Hardwood flooring installation will take the maximum time and it could be a week.

The cabinet installation

Once again what you are purchasing will determine the time taken for installation. If you are looking for a quick job, one must settle for stock cabinets and they might take 48 hours for installation. Custom cabinets will take longer to install and could even take a week.

The countertops

The installation should be done within 48 hours. The installation of a sink should also take the same time.

The appliance fittings

This should be over quickly and perhaps at the most, you will have to allocate a day or two.

The lights for this space

This should be done quickly and the person installing the lights can work alongside other contractors. The light installation could be done in 24 hours.

The backsplash

It takes normally two days to install, but the precise material, which you are planning to install will play a determining factor.


Here is a brief guide on the approximate time taken to remodel the kitchen space, but there could be some delays in the process. If you are eager for a smooth kitchen remodeling job and professional execution, you can contact the team at Done Right Home Remodeling. They will do a smooth and quick job.

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