How Do You Build An ADU In Los Angeles?

Know the process as you intend to construct an ADU in your Los Angeles Home.

ADU In Los Angeles

There could be plenty of reasons why you would be eager to construct an accessory dwelling unit within the plot. These ADU construction can serve multi-purposes and a growing family, which intends to stay together will need this space, or else someone will have to go out searching for rent. The person will have to bear a huge monthly recurring expense and to avoid it; one must spend the surplus cash on building an ADU. It could just be that you have abundant space at home, but despite that one can still think of building an ADU. There is scope to generate rental income from this space. This is the reason why you can ponder over the idea of constructing an attached, detached ADU or even think of converting a garage into a cozy living space. Here we would like to discuss some tips on how to go about the build process.

Gather information on the local ADU laws and regulations

You must have an idea of the laws and if you talk about Los Angeles specific, the authorities allow an ADU on any residential plot, irrespective of the size. If you have an existing home on the property, the authorities should give you an easy sanction to construct an ADU. What are the parking requirements after constructing the ADU? This could be your next question and we would like to say that if your home is within one and a half miles of a bus stop or public transit, then you will not need additional parking requirements. However, for a garage conversion, two parking spots must be maintained. The unit must be at least four feet from the edge of the property line.

Understand what kind of ADU you may need

There are multiple types of ADU’s, which you can construct and we have discussed a bit earlier. Let me share with you the details

  • A detached ADU is the best solution if you are thinking of generating rent from the property. It is a separate structure lying in the backyard and it requires some investment. It will need separate gas and utility lines. However, it is the best solution, if you are eager to derive rental incomes. Tenants love it because there is scope for privacy.
  • An attached structure is the other option and here the ADU shares a wall with the main building. However, there is no direct entrance to the ADU from the building. You will have to step out of the building and enter the ADU. This is a property, which you can again construct to generate rental income.

We have discussed two scenarios where one can construct ADU’s and let now speak of probable conversion. There could be unused spaces lying around and that can be converted. We have spoken about garage conversion and if the vehicle is parked in the driveway on mist instances, one can utilize the garage in a more meaningful way. A small garage can be converted into a living space and rented out. You can opt for internal conversion and that could be about creating living space in the attic. However, this will lack privacy and you can ponder over this idea only to create more space for family members

You need to find the right contractor for the build

It is not a DIY job and you will need help from a professional contractor for the build. You will run into these professionals in an online search and a basic check on a few aspects is essential. You must check out whether the contractor has an active license or not. Does the contractor have insurance cover? These are some basic checks, which you need to conduct while appointing a contractor to build your ADU. You can always fall back upon Done Right Home Remodeling to construct the best ADU for you.

You can always discuss with them the costs of the construction because there is a need to arrange for the finances. Once this aspect has been addressed, there is a scope to start work.


Here is a guide on the necessary steps, which you must take to build an ADU. It is a construction, which offers nice value for money and you must have the space built. Whether you go for an attached, detached ADU or garage conversion depends upon the money, which you can invest.


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