Fully customized home remodel in Encino, that redefines quality workmanship. It helps a home get that much needed space, functionality, style and a desired layout design. This is required for a comfortable living.



Unique ideas & solutions for kitchen renovation in Encino for outdated food preparation areas.

A complete kitchen remodel in Encino, CA, is the perfect way to appreciate the value of your property, if you’re planning to sell it. Moreover, it adds space, functionality, style and user-friendliness to any home interior. Replete with storage cabinets, open shelving, stone countertops, a backsplash, a kitchen island with a wash basin and sink, it is a place where you can spend hours, without getting bored or tired.


Full bath remodel in Encino, by replacing outdated fittings, installing new tubs, toilets & showers.

Bath space improvement ideas, by installing designer bathroom accessories & fittings that help increase the style quotient, apart from space and functionality. In the process, we install free-standing tubs, walk-in showers, glass shower enclosures, bidets, toilets, vanity, undermount sinks and slip-resistant flooring. With our custom bathroom remodel in Encino, CA, a space becomes highly refreshing & relaxing.



Building custom garage ADUs, attached & detached ADUs in Encino, CA, for all types of residences.

If you’re considering to hire an ADU builder in Encino, CA, call a general contractor like us that has years of experience in designing & building accessory dwelling units at properties. It is carried out by following all the ADU construction rules & guidelines of the California state and by complying with the ADU building codes. One such activity is performed by keeping in mind the regulations regarding size & dimension, and by obtaining all the necessary permits and approval from local issuing authorities. This is how you can get a new dwelling unit, in the form of an in-law suite, a JADU or a Granny Flat, apart from the existing one.


An expert home addition contractor in Encino specializing in bump out addition & interior conversion.

Through home addition services, new space can be carved out within a home. It can be through interior conversion, bump-out addition, storeroom conversion, ground floor conversion, etc. Extra dwelling area is also achieved by the way of second storey addition, over the existing house. In this way, we help our clients get access to new living spaces that were either unutilized or lying in neglect.

The process of home addition in Encino is carried out by experts in home remodeling that have years of experience. Use of high-grade materials, 3D design technique and skilled workforce, makes a difference in the overall workmanship. Through our space addition, you can now expect to live spaciously and comfortably, for years to come. This is what a custom home addition is all about.


FAQs On General Remodeling in Encino

The best way to start planning your renovation is to look for design inspiration in magazines or on websites to get a clear picture of the look and style you want. Coming into the process with no ideas will only make the process complicated and long.

To prepare and get started with your bathroom renovation, I suggest checking out different bathroom designs online for getting an idea of the layout style you want. You can visit Houzz, Instagram, and other websites, or take a look at popular lifestyle magazines.

There are several ways to finance your Accessory Dwelling Unit construction project, including cash-out refinance, home equity line of credit, general home renovation loan, or even a personal loan.

We don’t want outsiders telling us how long our work should take, because we know exactly what needs to be done, without any compromise on quality. Renovation projects can range anywhere from three months to twelve months.


A top-rated general remodeling contractor that specializes in complete home renovation. Unique design ideas & creative home improvement solutions, make lifestyle easy, comfortable and luxurious. It is achieved through custom kitchen redesign, bath remodel, garage to ADU conversion, room addition and full backyard services, including landscaping & hardscaping. A general home upgrade consists of remodeling the interiors, especially the kitchen & bathroom and by construction accessory dwelling units for accommodating new family members and guests. The basic idea of a home remodel is to increase the comfort level at home, and also to appreciate the overall property value.


Kitchen remodeling Layout redesign & stone countertop installation
Bathroom remodeling Bath accessories addition & new storage space
ADU Garage to ADU, attached ADU, permits & rules
Home addition Internal conversion & bump-out addition
Backyard services Complete backyard hardscaping & landscaping
Home remodeling Custom home remodel, renovation & upgrades




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