Complete remodeling of the interiors & exteriors, by using the latest 3D design technology and high-grade building materials. This results in quality construction and flawless workmanship. Whether it’s kitchen remodel or bath redesign, we’ve experts for all.



A local kitchen contractor in El Segundo, ensuring a fully remodeled food preparation area with all the latest functionalities.

Now get the dream cooking space at home that you’ve always visualized in your dreams. With a 100% custom kitchen remodeling in El Segundo, CA, you can now think of making your lifestyle easy, comfortable and luxurious. Smart kitchens are desired by all. So, with fittings like designer tapware, faucets, sinks, vitrified tiles, LED lighting, backsplash, countertops and a new island design, your kitchen is now a smart and efficient food preparation area. It has an improved storage space and a user-friendly layout.


An extensive bathroom renovation in El Segundo, as performed by our experts in home remodel that have vast expertise.

Avail highly professional bathroom remodeling in El Segundo, CA, that helps in fully transforming your worn-out home refreshment space. It includes replacing the old fixtures with modern and contemporary ones. Also, relaying the floor tiles with an improved variety. Nowadays, free-stand bath-tubs and walk-in showers are highly preferred. They occupy very little space and serve their intended purpose. Moreover , it also adds to the overall style quotient of your bathing space.



Attached & detached accessory dwelling units by a professional ADU builder in El Segundo, CA, that is fully certified.

Now think of an attached & detached ADU project by converting an old garage, with the help of one of the leading ADU builders in El Segundo, that has vast project expertise. One such garage to ADU conversion project is done by using high-grade construction materials, by following all the ADU regulations and complying with the ‘state specific’ building codes. It is regarding the size, dimension and setback clause. With a team of qualified structural engineers, architects, planners and interior designers, your accessory dwelling unit takes shape in front of your eyes. This is how the problem of limited space is solved, and you also get the best resale value for your property after one such ADU design & construction.


Custom space reclamation through home addition in El Segundo that requires exceptional architecture & engineering skills.

Adding new spaces to your home within, by the way of interior conversion, bump out addition, ground floor conversion, second storey addition & storeroom conversion. In this way, extra living space is carved out, without having to buy a new house. Mostly, unused lying storerooms are converted into new bedrooms, laundry and guest areas.

Similarly, if you want to add an extra kitchen & dining space, you can always consider a bump-out addition option. Such a new construction extends sideways, without having to touch the ground. So, no need to spend on pouring new foundation. One such structure rests on the cantilevers that extend or juts outwards. As a certified home addition contractor in El Segundo, CA, we perform all kinds of space improvement services.


FAQs On General Remodeling in El Segundo

When your kitchen has become greasy, outdated, old, worn-out and cramped in space, it is then you need to think of a complete kitchen renovation by hiring an expert general home contractor like us.

Only an expert general contractor like us is able to understand your specific bath layout design & space related requirements, and offer a credible solution. Whether it is a free standing bath-tub or a walk-in shower installation, we do it as per your needs.

Without a doubt! An ADU garage conversion not only adds space, but also goes on to increase the resale value of your property, if you’re planning to sell it. The value appreciation is in the average range of 51-54%.

Once you have your budget figured out, another big question arises: will this project add any value to your home? You should always think about resale value and return on investment (ROI), but keep in mind that home additions typically yield a less return than a conventional home remodel.


Transforming old & outdated home interiors into modern, spacious and user-friendly spaces that helps a family lead a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle. Our home remodeling services can be fully customized to your lifestyle needs and living standards. It is achieved through smart kitchen remodel, bath renovation, ADU conversion, landscaping and room addition. Being a fully licensed general contractor in El Segundo, CA, we strive to provide highly customized solutions in a cost-effective way. Homes that are looking forward to an extensive space, functionality & style upgrade, can trust our services. In the process of renovation, only premium-grade materials are used.


Kitchen remodeling Backsplash design & stone countertop installation
Bathroom remodeling Designer bath accessories & vanity installation
ADU ADU permits, regulation, guidelines, codes & rules
Home addition Internal room conversion & bump-out addition
Backyard services Customized hardscaping & landscaping services
Home remodeling Complete home remodel, redesign & new upgrades




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