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Converting unused garages into attached & detached ADUs that serves the purpose of additional dwelling space.

A garage to ADU conversion is a great way to add extra accommodation within a property. It is done by either converting an old garage into a ‘stand-alone’ dwelling unit or by building an attached ADU. Perfect for a spacious living.

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    Generally speaking, it does cost a bit. But, if handled professionally by an experienced general contractor like Done Right Home Remodeling, the cost can be controlled and kept within the budget. As it requires building a completely new dwelling unit from scratch with pouring new foundation or by converting an old garage, it is definitely a cost-intensive project. The overall cost is calculated on the basis of square foot, apart from the size & dimension of the ADU, design, build quality and the types of materials used in one such new construction. An attached ADU costs comparatively less than a detached unit. Similarly, a garage converted ADU is lesser in price, when compared to building a completely new accessory dwelling unit from scratch. It can run into a few thousands of dollars. Then, you need to calculate labor costs, machinery & equipment costs and ADU permit fees, if any. There are no charges for inspection.


    Totally! In this ever lucrative southern California property market, where living space counts, an ADU can be a perfect Return-On-Investment (ROI) for all wise thinking homeowners. A majority of property owners are building ADUs at their properties, not only to carve out that extra accommodation for a growing family size, but also to appreciate the value of their house. When a prospective home buyer comes searching for a ‘stand-alone’ property, he/she always looks for an extra amount of space, apart from comfort, layout design and style. Having an ADU built on a property can easily help you fetch the desired asking price. This provides you with a strong case to bargain and ask for a desired price. Statistics reveal that an ADU builders in Los Angeles, CA, helps appreciate the value of a property by 51-54%, over the existing valuation. No wonder why homeowners are investing in an accessory dwelling unit, instead of buying a new house.


    Surely! This is what we specialize in. converting an unused lying garage into an ADU is a trend, here in California, especially in the southern part of the state. Affluent homes do have more than one garages that are either lying vacant or unused for quite some time. Therefore, the best idea is to convert them into self-sufficient living units in a desired size and dimension. In fact, the cost of one such construction is comparatively lower than building a completely new ‘detached’ unit from scratch. This is why large families are now converting their old garages into self-sufficient ADUs or JADUs, depending upon their living space requirements. As any garage already has walls, ceiling, flooring and other structures, you just need to fortify and strengthen them, in order to serve the purpose of an all-weather family suite, with a bathroom, kitchen, laundry & study or an additional master bedroom with a bath & laundry. So, having an extra garage at home is definitely going to help solve your space related issues, when your family is growing in size or guests come to stay at your place. One such garage converted ADU can also serve the purpose of a rental unit, whereby you can earn a steady flow of income.


    It is important to know the ADU permits, rules & regulations, before jumping into the act. The latest 2020 ADU builder’s rules & guidelines states that a single family residence can now build two ADUs at a property, one being a Regular Unit upto the maximum size of 1200 sq. ft and the other one a JADU OF 500 sq. ft. Now, a homeowner no longer has to pay any Impact Fee to the local municipal authority for an ADU below 750 sq. ft. in size. This has led to an increase in ADU construction, all across the state of California. Similarly, obtaining permits and design-plan approval have become easier than before. Previously, it would take around 120 days to get an approval from the local issuing authority, which has now been reduced to only 60 days, which is half the time. Well, ADU offsets may be different in cities 7 counties. The standard is 5 ft. from the rear and side. The ceiling height has been increased from 12’ to 16’ (ft). Therefore, it has now become easier to abide by and comply with the ADU building codes.


    When you hire a specialized ADU contractor in LA like us, rest assured that the customization level involved in one such project is going to be high. Whether it is about the layout design-plan, choice of building materials, utility connections, size, dimension and overall style, it is precisely according to the needs of the client. Whether it is an attached, detached, above the floor or converting a garage to ADU, there are specialists for every job domain. Just mention your space and design related requirements, and your old garage is converted into a desired dwelling space.



    Innovative ADU design & construction, for effectively carving out additional space.



    Making upgrades to the existing garage and professionally converting into a Regular ADU.



    Designing an above-the-garage ADU, by strengthening the walls, framework & structures.



    Converting a backyard garage into a self-sufficient dwelling unit with all the amenities.



    Converting old & unused garages into a typical home-based office with all the furniture.



    Getting fully approved ADU plans & permits from the local municipality for construction.


    Well, it depends upon your requirement, the existing property layout, your budget and whether you want to convert an attached or detached garage into an ADU, or build a new unit from scratch. If you are low on budget, go for an attached garage conversion, else build a stand-alone unit in the backyard.

    Again, it also depends upon the scale and extent of the project, the type of ADU design & layout you choose. A regular ADU construction can take more time than a Junior ADU which is small in size. Any change or alterations in the design of an ADU can increase project execution time.

    Yes, most single family residences and homeowners can build an ADU. California state laws allow single-family homeowners to build an accessory dwelling unit, as long there’s space available. A detached ADU must be 10 ft. away from the main building and 5 ft. away from any other property lines.

    Yes, of course! Without a local permit and a design-plan approval, you cannot build an ADU on your property, as it would be deemed illegal construction. You need to submit a design-plan to the building department, and after viewing all the paperwork, an approval is granted along with a permit for construction.


    Let’s create more living space! Why not upgrade your cramped dwelling into a spacious and comfortable living area. We offer custom space enhancement ideas for all small residences. Whether it is a detached garage ADU or a backyard cottage, an attached ADU, a partial garage conversion, or an above-the-garage ADU, as a general contractor we’re experts in all. Ask for FREE quotes, now. The team of structural engineers help transform your garage and convert it into an independent family suite or a master bedroom. Right from designing a new ADU, getting the permits & plan approved to the actual construction work, it is done seamlessly. This is how a small home gets additional dwelling area by way of space reclamation. Let’s see the different types of ADUs.

    Single detached garageSingle integral garage to ADU conversion
    Double garage conversionGreater scope for design improvement
    Above garage ADUAn ADU built above the existing garage
    Partial garage conversionA part of garage converted into a unit
    Full garage conversionComplete garage remodeling & conversion

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